YelloTools SensorCut Flexi for Automotive Bumpers



NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • No more free hand cutting automotive bumper sensors or key holes with this convenient metal template tool!
  • 13 individual sensor gauge templates from 13mm to 25mm
  • Templates are made from stainless steel for years of service
  • Small compact design makes the tool easy to store when not in use


SensorCut Flexi Testimonial

"Sensor cut flexi is a great tool to cut a perfect circle around sensors and other circular objects such as keyholes. 13 different sizes allow for a wide array of options when needing that perfect cut. Each template is made of stainless steel and can either fan out or have the option of removing just one, as if it were a color swatch booklet."


Ken Mahlschnee
Bullitt Auto Detail
Clayton, NC