Pictured is the house and garage where it all began back in 1986 in Tulsa, OK. 

From my Garage to the World's Largest

I started FELLERS out of my garage in 1986.  There wasn’t much money and I lived off of pizza and PB& J for a few years. I knew I wanted to build a successful company but wasn't sure what to focus on.  Initially, we sold vinyl materials to sign companies for making banners and signs.   Over time, my customers used vinyl to “wrap” larger areas of signs, walls and vehicles.    I fell in love with wrapping and decided to learn everything I could about the process.  We learned about wrap printers and the tools needed for professional installation.    We learned about the vinyl materials needed for both commercial wraps and colorchange wraps.  By 2006, FELLERS became the first company in the world focused on selling wrap supplies.  We continue to learn from our customers today and I even wrap myself so I can better understand the products we sell.  Wrap has grown and FELLERS has also grown from that one garage location to warehouses all over the U.S. with hundreds of employees.  Our focus on wrap combined with your growth and support continues our leadership as the World’s Largest Wrap Supply Company.  Thank you.


Frank Fellers, owner of FELLERS
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LEADING SERVICE:  We are committed to having the world's leading service level.


LOW PRICES:  We are committed to having low prices.


LOCATIONS:  We are committed to having the warehouse locations you need for the fastest delivery possible.


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