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Update Friday, April 24th 2015

NEW!! Auto Skins Racks -Store Your Vinyl in Style!

Auto Skins vinyl racks give you a stylish way to store your color change vinyl.  These wall-mounted laser cut racks are made from 14 gauge high-strength steel.  Auto Skins Racks are designed to accommodate the standard 3″ tubes that color change vinyls are rolled on.

Simply mount Auto Skins to the wall, add 1″ conduit pipe  or 1.25″ diameter dowel rods and add your roll of vinyl.  Note:  Does not include mounting hardware or conduit pipe/dowel rods.

4.5 Auto Skins Rack for 25 Yard Partial Rolls:

-Designed to hold (14) 4.5″ diameter rolls
-Designed for partial rolls of 25 yard material
-Can also hold 6.5″ diameter rolls  that are not stacked on top of each other
-Does not include mounting hardware or conduit pipe/dowel rods

6.5 Auto Skins Rack for 50 Yard Partial Rolls:

-Designed to hold (10) 6.5″ diameter rolls
-Designed for partial rolls of 50 yard material
-Does not include mounting hardware or conduit pipe/dowel rods

Note:  Mounting hardware and conduit pipe/dowel rods are not included.  Your local hardware store is the best source for these items.



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Update Friday, April 17th 2015

3M Perforated Window Graphic Film 8170-P50 (50/50) & 8170-P40 (60/40)

3M™ Perforated Window Graphic Film 8170-P50 (50/50) and  8170-P40 (60/40) are the only cast vinyl perforated window films on the market.  These new products are the most versatile window films available and are compatible with Solvent, Eco-Solvent UV, Latex, and screen printing.

  • -Provides better lifting resistance than calendered vinyl films
  • -4 mil cast vinyl lays flat during printing and is splice-free
  • -Will not lift around simple and mild compound curved windows
  • -Available in 50/50 (8170-P50) and 60/40 (8170-P40)
  • -Replaces 3M™ IJ 8171 Perforated Window Film
  • -3 year expected life performance
  • -Available in 36″ and 54″ roll widths

8170 in use

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Update Tuesday, April 7th 2015


Voyage from sea to sky with Avery Dennison’s new line of Supreme Wrapping Film colors, inspired by internationally recognized professional wrap installer Justin Pate. These limited edition colors demonstrate the same performance and versatility you’ve come to expect with Avery Dennison’s existing Supreme Wrapping Films.

Available in four limited edition colors:

Gloss Pearl Black
Gloss Pearl Bahama Blue
Gloss Metallic Milky Way
Gloss Metallic Meteorite

  • -25 yard roll and sold by the foot/yard
  • -Save time on installation with a repositionable, bubble-free application with long-term removability
  • -Out-of-the-box application – no printing or laminating required
  • -Limited release colors will ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd
Pearl Bahama Blue

Wrapped in Pearl Bahama Blue








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Update Thursday, April 2nd 2015


A unique alternative to regular edge sealing tape.

  • -Seals vinyl wrap edges to the vehicle while the black, slightly textured, surface gives an illusion of factory molding finish
  • -Great for high end accents on vehicle wraps
  • -Helps to prevent “fingering” where vinyl wrap tends to pull back from an edge over time.
  • -1/2″ x 25 yard roll

Mold N Hold install.

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Update Tuesday, March 24th 2015

NEW! Avery 900 Supreme Wrapping Film – Giovanna Colors

Inspired by international designer and luxury wheels manufacturer, Diko Sulahain, of Giovanna Wheels, these three new colors provide a dramatic finish.

Matte Metallic Grigio
Satin Pearl Cielo Blu
Satin Pearl Nero

    • 3.2 Mil cast vinyl with built-in protective clear coat layer
    • No overlaminate required
    • Superior conformability over curved surfaces, corrugations and rivets
    • Easy Apply RS feature allows for faster positioning, bubble free application and long term removability
    • Outstanding durability and outdoor performance
    • Clean removability up to 4 years

Wrapped in Matte Metallic Grigio






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Update Thursday, March 19th 2015

Heavy Duty Emblem & Molding Removal Tools -5 Piece Set

  • -Heavy-duty construction for long-term use
  • -5 distinctive tools for easy removal of emblems, molding, trim fasteners, etc.
  • -For use on internal and external vehicle molding and trim fasteners
  • -Tool construction prevents scratching and damage to vehicle paint, leather, chrome, etc.
  • -Set includes (pictured left to right): remover wide type, remover pull type, remover narrow   type, handy remover and upholstery clip remover


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Update Friday, March 13th 2015

Avery Wrap Tool Belt

Designed by professionals.  Used by professionals the world over.

Avery’s Wrap Tool Belt features:

  • -Wide belt that doesn’t fold over on itself
  • -(1) large main pocket, (1) medium center pocket, (2) small side pockets, (2) side ‘split’ pockets
  • -An inside metal plate for ‘parking’ magnets
  • -An all black exterior that hides dirt after a long day
  • -11″ Wide x 8 1/2″ Tall x 5″ open Width



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Update Wednesday, March 4th 2015

OLFA® TS- 1 Top Sheet Cutter

The OLFA® TS-1 Top Sheet Cutter is your top choice when you want to cut only the top sheet. Its unique design lets you cut the top layer while preserving those below. While the cutter is great for cutting the backing paper without cutting the vinyl, it’s also great for overlaminate, application tape, and more.

  • -Designed to cut only the “top sheet”, ideal for cutting vinyl backing paper and not the vinyl itself
  • -Built-in spring stabilizes cutting pressure on blade edge
  • -Use as a standard knife and set to MIN to cut thinner matrials and MAX for thicker materials
  • -Knife includes 2 blades, 5 pack replacement blades sold separately



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Update Thursday, February 26th 2015

ORAFOL 8300 Transparent Vinyl

Transparent vinyl films are perfect for window graphics, but did you ever think to use it as a color change element over chrome vinyl to create a custom chrome color? ORAFOL 8300 is perfect for this. FELLERS is stocking the most popular 20 colors so you’re sure to find the right color to match your style and mood. These colors are available in 48″ width which makes it the perfect companion for chrome wrap vinyl by adding a layer of protection, making installation scratches less likely to occur.*

  • -50 yard roll and sold by the yard
  • -Use for creating custom chrome colors, changing color of headlamps and tail lights and window graphics
  • -3 Mil Gloss PVC Matte Vinyl
  • -5 year outdoor durability
  • -Special transparent colored PVC film with UV Stabilizers
  • -Clear permanent solvent polyacrylic adhesive



Image: Avery SW900 Silver Chrome “laminated” with ORAFOL 8300 Ice Blue.  Thanks Carbon Wraps, Orlando, Florida

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*This is not a warranted application

Update Thursday, February 19th 2015

RitRAMA Ri-Vision Urethane Wrap

Ri-Vision Gloss White Urethane Wrap 3-3679 is a durable high performance product designed for wrapping demanding vehicles, watercraft, railroad cars, trailers and fleet wrap applications.

  • -Easy to apply and extremely conformable; this is not vinyl, it is Urethane for higher performance
  • -Excellent low-temperature flexibility, cold crack resistance
  • -Environmentally friendly
  • -Excellent long-term durability
  • -Ritrama suggests laminating with their Thinner Cast Clear Overlaminate, 4-0964
  • -Print compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 12.22.21 PM


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For information on the matching overlaminate, 4-0964 click here!