Croftgate USA Wrap Care Justin Pate Series




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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • Croftgate USA has been a key player in the car care market for decades.  Their Wrap Care After Care Gloss and Matte products will protect the value of your wrap and keep it looking newer longer.
  • These Croftgate products are environmentally safe and contain no VOC's so that you can feel good about working with them for years even without gloves!

Croftgate Wrap Care After Care Gloss 

  • Provides lasting protection with a brilliant shine. 
  • Good for use on just finished or older wraps.
  • Wrap care after care gloss cleans, seals and protects gloss, carbon fiber, brushed metallic and chrome color change vinyls.

Croftgate Wrap Care After Care Matte

  • Wrap care after care matte cleans, seals and protects matte color change vinyls. 
  • Provides lasting protection with a brilliant luster finish. 
  • Removes oils and grease left behind from finger prints.
  • Good for use on just finished or older wraps.

Croftgate Heavy Duty Cleaner

  • Wrap Care HD Cleaner removes stains, grease, bird droppings and can also can be used to remove low level adhesive
  • Water based eco responsible formula, wets out and removes adhesive and more, leaving no residue.
  • Special formula lasts longer, wetting out the surface better which means more of it gets applied onto adhesive and other hard to remove surface contaminates (oil, tar , bugs) for better removal.
  • Does not have a tendency to lighten plastics like the fast evaporating petroleum solvent based products.
  • No heavy fumes to smell and no petroleum solvents


Tip For Keeping Your Matte ColorChange Wraps Clean

“I have been driving matte wrapped vehicles for many years and am finding that keeping matte vinyl wraps clean is difficult, but here are some tips that can help:”

  1. Try to prevent stains with Croftgate JP Matte
  2. Don’t let dirt or stains stay on the vinyl very long
  3. Minor cleaning can be done with Croftgate or Rapid Prep and clean cotton rags
  4. Heavy cleaning for difficult stains can be done with Rapid Remover or Croftgate Heavy Duty Cleaner
  5. Clean stubborn stains with Rapid Remover (available from FELLERS) and Magic Eraser pads (not available from FELLERS)
  6. Over laminating with clear vinyl can help prevent stains and maintain matte wraps longer



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