Geek Wraps Wrap Juice Dipping Kit




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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

Wrap Juice Dipping Jar Kit

  • Wrap Juice helps to eliminate scratching on wrap vinyls and allows your fingers and/or squeegee to glide easily over warmed vinyl.
  • This handy 4 oz jar allows the installer to dip his/her fingers and apply the right amount of Wrap Juice directly to the surface of the wrap film. The Micro Soft Edge Marine Squeegee is perfect for use around window corners, door handles, or any area that may be too small for a traditional-sized squeegee.
  • Wrap juice is intended for use with cast wrap films with an air egress adhesive system.
  • Kit Contains:

 One (1) Wrap Juice in a 4oz dipping jar

 One (1) Micro Marine Soft Edge Detail Squeegee

Wrap Juice Refill Bottle

  • Bottle of additional Wrap Juice to re-fill your Wrap Juice Dipping jar or, take advantage of its spray cap to apply to a clean squeegee or, spray it directly to the surface of a wrap film
  • 8 ounce non-corrosive aluminum bottle  (photo in Gallery)