3M™ Adhesion Test Kit For Smooth Walls




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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • This kit includes all the tools needed to perform a successful adhesion test to determine the best material for the surface
  • Kit includes 7 different test films with color coded cores for easy identification, Ohaus Spring Scale, 3M RBA-1 Rivet brush, Hole Punch, scissors and adhesion test instructions
  • Please refer to 3M Wall Product Bulletin (below) for full details


3M Adhesion Test Kit for Smooth Walls Testimonial

"After seeing graphics roll off the wall, I became an advocate of wall tests.  Whether it is low VOC paints, egg shell finishes, stain-resistant paint, wallpaper or textures, you need to test all walls before applying wall graphics.  Sure it takes a little time, but I have found most customers are impressed that there is a process to make sure we select a vinyl that is compatible with their wall.  With the 3M Adhesion Test Kit you have all the tools and materials at hand to conduct wall tests in a compact case.  It’s in my truck for every sales call."

Mallory Davis
Signs By Tomorrow
Baltimore, MD

3M Adhesion Test Kit For Smooth Walls

"At Streamline Designs, our motto is simple: QUALITY. This is why we use the 3M Adhesion Test Kit when doing wall wraps.  Using the right 3M material for the job is critical and a successful adhesion test gives us the confidence in the strength, hold and durability of the products when used out in the field.

Tyler Lorich & Chris Lorich
Streamline Designs - MoB Members
Buffalo, NY


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