3M™ Tape Primer 94

  • Tape Primer 94

    1/2 Pint

  • Primer 94 Brush

    Application Brush

  • Primer 94 Dauber

    3 oz. Bottle



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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

Primer 94 (can)

  • Use to improve vinyl adhesion where vinyl will be stretched or heated into concave areas
  • Great for use on complex vehicle contours
  • Works with all brands of vinyl
  • Also great for paint-primered surfaces, low energy plastics, and practically any surface that is difficult to get vinyl adhesive to adhere to
  • Warning:  Primer 94 can increase the possibility of damage to paint when vinyl is removed because it increases adhesion.  It is very important to consider this possibility prior to application
  • In addition to the Primer 94 brush below, foam applicators such as OCE Swabs and Techswabs (in Inks & Supplies in this cart) are also recommended by some installers to apply Primer 94
  • 1/2 pint
  • Ships ground service only

Primer 94 Brush

  • Brush designed specifically to apply Primer 94

Primer 94 Dauber

  • Same features as Primer 94, but with smaller portable size and convenience of a built-in “dauber” so that you will not have to use a brush
  • 3 oz. bottle
  • Ships ground service only


Using Primer 94

"I wrapped my truck with camouflage vinyl and didn't use Primer 94, just to see what would happen. This picture of the roof was taken less than year later. You can see where the vinyl is pulling up over the channel (concave) section of the roof. If I would have used Primer 94 the vinyl would have adhered better."

"Use adhesive promoters for paint-primered vehicles, or low energy surfaces such as certain plastics"


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