Seal 54" Base Laminator with Heat Assist




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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • Heat assisted top roller for superb lamination performance in all sign/wrap shops
  • Seal quality at a lower base price
  • Manual nip adjustment for precise operation
  • Includes Media Roll Trough Kit, Image Guide & Leveling Feet
  • Take-up auto-grip also available as an add on.
  • Please note that the video shows the 62" version.  The machines are identical except for the width size capability.
  • The Seal 54 Base actual size is (HxWxD) 52.2” x 75” x 21.7” (30” with the roll trough and table down).The shipping weight is 595 lbs., shipping dimensions (HxWxD) 63.8” x 78.7” x 35.4”.
  • The Seal 54EL requires 120v, 1 AMP with a NEMA 5‐15R receptacle.

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"You can also use your laminator to apply application tape to vinyl graphics."


“Chrome wraps have gained popularity in Florida over the years.  We at Carbon Wraps pride ourselves on offering quality distinctive wraps such as custom chrome colors to our clients for a truly exceptional wrap.  Using a laminator we “laminate” ORACAL 8300 Transparent Cal vinyl over silver chrome, or any colored chrome, to get a stunning finished product that leaves our clients thrilled to drive home. You can even wet apply transparent over chrome*, just know that it takes more skill and patience to be done correctly.  Also, some smaller areas of the vehicle can be done this way to make the install easier. For example: door handles, hood antennas, and sometimes mirrors.  Chrome is thick, so when you add an additional film to it, some areas are harder to wrap. Lamination also helps protect the chrome underneath from scratching and abrasion.”


Clint, Jeniffer and Steve Carney

Carbon Wraps

Orlando, FL


*Although many of our customers are using this technique it is not warranted by any manufacturer

Should You Laminate Printed Wraps?

“Our customers tell us that vinyl overlaminating is definitely a necessity for printed wraps. The vinyl overlaminate not only protects the print from fading, abrasion, gasoline, etc., but also makes installation easier by strengthening the vinyl. Overlaminating also helps make removal easier if and when you decide to remove the wrap. If your spouse sits that leaky bottle of Windex on your wrap, it’s no problem if the wrap is overlaminated! On a side note, I have also learned with my wrapped vehicles that overlaminating Colorchange vinyls can make them easier to keep clean, especially matte colored wraps.”



Laminate Fluorescent Vinyls To Improve The Fade Resistance

“Many of our customers are laminating fluorescent colorchange wraps to improve outdoor durability. Without laminates neon and fluorescent colors can fade in less than three months in direct sunlight. Laminating these colors can almost double the outdoor durability.  No manufacturer warrants fading on neon and fluorescent colors but laminating definitely helps extend the outdoor durability.”



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