SOLARIS Eco-Solvent Max-Life Inks

  • Soljet/VersaCamm Ink

    220ml Cartridges

  • Soljet/VersaCamm Flushing Fluid

    220ml Cartridges

  • Soljet/VersaCamm Ink

    440ml Cartridges



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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

Soljet/VersaCamm Ink Cartridges (220 & 440)

  • Solvent inks for Roland VersaCAMM VS, VersaStudio, VersaArt and SOLJET SJ-1045EX printers
  • Maximum outdoor life for prints due to the use of automotive grade pigments
  • Maximum print head and damper life due to the purity of the ink
  • Delivers excellent adhesion, superior scratch resistance and quick drying times
  • Chipped 220ml and 440ml cartridges work with all firmware versions
  • Mix and match with OEM inks without flushing or re-profiling

Flushing Fluid Cartridges (220 & 440)

  • Compatible with Roland VersaCAMM VS, VersaStudio, VersaArt and SOLJET SJ-1045EX printers
  • 220ml and 440ml Cartridges.

Solaris Ink for Roland Testimonial 2016

“Solaris Inks are reliable and fast drying. That means I spend more time printing, and less on maintinance and cleaning. They have kept color output consistant for years while being cost effective and less time demanding.”  


Zephren H. Turner, Printer Tech
Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp
Roanoke, VA

We have been using the Solaris Inks for our Roland printers for some time now. The inks are great with color and consistent from one cartridge to the next. Our printers almost run 24 hours a day and besides regular maintenance cleaning we have had no clogs whatsoever. With the prices the way they are I don't ever see a reason to go back to using an OEM ink. These inks meet all of our needs without a doubt.

Gary Durbin
Gulf Coast Graphics
Corpus Christi, TX

Solaris Inks

“Our experience with Solaris inks has been phenomenal.  Well proven in our experience over the years to do just as good as OEM inks. Durability and consistency have been great with a lot of effortless printing.  What better test would you ask for other than our Scorching tip of Texas heat.  We have had good UV response with great durability. Thank you Solaris and FELLERS for producing and distributing such a great product.”

Roger Arevalo
I-Decal Sign Co.
Mission, TX


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