Mutoh Plotter Blades




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Paired Products


NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

Red Cap

  • The #1 selling Mutoh plotter blade.
  • For cutting thick fluorescent and reflective vinyl.
  • Also for cutting detailed work in standard vinyl.
  • 45° with Red Cap 0.25 mm offset.

Yellow Cap

  • For thin and delicate media such as window tint.
  • 25° with Yellow Cap, 0.25 mm blade offset

Black Cap

  • For cutting small text and fine detail.
  • Sharp blade with smallest offset.
  • 42° with Black Cap .175 mm blade offset 

Blue Cap

  • For cutting thin sandblast mask and stencil with friction feed or sprocket feed machine.
  • 60° with Blue Cap, 0.25 mm offset

Green Cap

  • For cutting reflective vinyl, cardboard, sandblast, flock, and stencil.
  • 60° with Green Cap, 0.50 mm offset

"45 degree blades are the most frequently used. 60 degree blades are recommended for thicker or tough to cut materials like reflective."

"Customers sometimes complain that their brand new plotter blade is getting dull quickly. Often it's not the blade, but adhesive from the vinyl collecting on the blade itself. Cleaning the tip of the blade with alcohol usually corrects the problem."