64" ValueJet 1638X Dual Head Printer

  • 64" ValueJet 1638X Dual Head


    For more information and current promotions on equipment please call 888-863-8383 x3121 or email equipment.sales@fellers.com

  • 64" ValueJet 1638X Dual Head with Heavy Duty Take Up


    For more information and current promotions on equipment please call 888-863-8383 x3121 or email equipment.sales@fellers.com


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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

Mutoh 64" ValueJet 1638X Dual Head

  • Mutoh's dual head version of their famous printers for even faster speed and quality
  • ​Blazing fast print speeds up to 1,012 sq ft per hour in production mode.
  • The ValueJet 1638X employs two state of the art 1440 dpi piezo print heads which makes images stand out and look incredibly sharp
  • Mutoh's patented I(2) (WAVE) technology virtually eliminates banding.
  • Mutoh's Eco-Ultra ink features optimal fade resistance and unbeatable scratch resistance under the most aggressive conditions producing brilliant colors with virtually no odor.
  • Mutoh Edition of Flexi Sign Print v12 included with printer purchase.
  • The ValueJet 1638X shipping footprint is 114” x 46" x 51" and 728lbs lbs.
  • The ValueJet 1638X requires three 120v AC outlets on an isolated, dedicated 20A circuit. The printer has two outlets, AC 90‐132 V / AC 198‐264 V ‐ 50Hz/60Hz and the Take‐Up has one outlet, AC 90‐132 V ‐ 50Hz/60Hz.
  • The ValueJet 1638X actual footprint is 106 inches width x 28.2 inches depth x 52.4 inches height. 
  • The ValueJet 1638X with the Heavy Duty Take-Up requires an extra 6 Inches on the Front and Back sides.


Mutoh 64" ValueJet 1638X Dual Head with Heavy Duty Take Up

  • A heavy-duty take up version of the 1638X dual head Mutoh printer
  • Developed especially for users working with heavier media rolls up to 176 pounds which are typically difficult to unwind/wind
  • Both unwind/wind is fully motorized
  • Enables unattended printing from roll to roll offering perfect tracking and constant tension resulting in straight winding on the take up roll
  • The ValueJet 1638X with the Heavy Duty Take-Up requires an extra 6 Inches on the Front and Back side, or  112 inches width x 34.2 inches depth x 52.4 inches height. 

Mutoh ValueJet Extended Warranty

  • While the Mutoh ValueJet is a proven workhorse, every mechanical and electrical device will need maintenance and repairs during its lifetime.  The Mutoh Service Warranty gives you the peace of mind that your printer will be kept in peak operating condition enabling you to focus on your business.
  • The Extended Warranty continues the same support and coverage of the factory warranty but with a limit of one print head per year during the warranty period.
  • Covers ink train, mechanical and electrical parts.  Does not cover consumable parts such as ink, flushing sponge, media, etc.
  • Provides coverage of up to a total service period of five years.
  • May be purchased with the printer or at any time during the original two year factory warranty period.
  • Free phone support, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST Monday-Friday, from Knowledgeable FELLERS equipment techs while your printer is under warranty
  • Zone charges may apply.  Please email equipment.sales@fellers.com with the serial number of your printer for a warranty quote

For more Information Contact: equipment.sales@fellers.com


Why Mutoh?

"Mutoh is more focused on wrap. When we went looking for the optimal wrap printer to sell, Mutoh proved to us that they were more focused on wrap than the other folks. There are several excellent printers out there, but we were impressed by Mutoh's "intelligent weave" technology which really helps solid color printing look better. Their ink has possibly the best fade resistance in the industry, which is vital for vehicle wraps and, the ink doesn't "smell" which is vital for indoor wall wraps. They are also striving to perfect their printers by improving speed, durability and adding unique features to improve your ability to make money in the wrap business. I even like the fact that they are one of the only printer manufacturers that participate at SEMA, the largest automotive aftermarket tradeshow in the world. They go to this show specifically to be on the "cutting edge" of wrap. After many years of selling Mutoh equipment, we are now one of the largest inkjet printer re-sellers in the country and Mutoh's largest dealer. What solidifies our confidence however, is that so many of our customers add more Mutoh printers to their stable and/or upgrade to newer models. Focus and repeat business, the keys to any successful product and any successful brand."

Why You Should Buy A Separate Printer and Plotter/Cutter

"The idea of having a combination printer/cutter is nice but in reality most of our customers tell us that it is inefficient to print and contour cut/plot on the same printer. Why? Because your production is held up constantly. Printing is held up by cutting. Cutting is held up by printing. Some jobs require both but often you have separate print jobs from your cut jobs. For optimal efficiency for your wrap production, buying a separate printer and separate cutter/plotter is the best choice."

Most Wrappers Want a 64" Printer

Why do most people who produce wraps want a 64" printer? Primarily so they have the ability to print 60" material. Even though most printing is done on 54" wide material or less, some wrap jobs require a wider vinyl. For example, certain vehicle hoods can only be seamlessly wrapped with 60" material.

MUTOH 2017 Testimonial

“We have used Mutoh printers exclusively for 10 years, and have always been complimented on the vibrancy and color of our prints. Since we upgraded to the new 1638X, the clarity of the print is even better, and the colors are brighter. This combined with the significantly increased speed has been a game changer for us. Saving time in our production department translates into a higher margin per job.”  


Rod Voegele
Ontario, CA

MUTOH 2017 Testimonial

“I’ve been a Mutoh customer since 2006 when I bought my first ValueJet 1204. As the business grew, so did the printers. We quickly upgraded to a 1614, then added two 1324 printers. We recently purchased the new 1638x and absolutely love it. This thing prints so fast it’s almost hard to keep up. Some larger jobs that used to take two days to print now take 6hrs. We love it. With superior print quality, easy maintenance, and a price-point that makes sense, you simply cannot go wrong with a Mutoh ValueJet printer. We’re looking forward to purchasing another very soon.”


Sean Tomlin
Designer Wraps
Millville, NJ.

MUTOH 2016 Testimonial

“I know firsthand why Mutoh is the leader in the wrap industry, and I refuse to use any other printer. With a production average of 3-4 wraps a day…reliability, efficiency and quality are some of the main reasons we have and always will entrust Mutoh. We are currently utilizing our VJ1638X alongside a VJ1624 with no plans on slowing down our growth with a VJ1628 on the way.  Mutoh and FELLERS are a wrap companies must have resource.”


Danko Campese
Big Splash Graphics
Freehold, NJ


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