Perfect Window Perf Cutting Tool



NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • PERFect edge tool allows you to cut window perf vinyl back 1/4" from the rubber window seals in one smooth motion
  • Built in guide means you don't have to eyeball how much window perf to remove
  • Unique design reduces the likelihood of blade slipping
  • Attaches to the OLFA Stainless Steel Breakaway Knife (sold separately)
  • Note: you must have OLFA knife to use PERFect edge tool.  3M recommends to cut back window perf 1/4" from edges


To Trim or Not To Trim?

"Some wrappers do not cut back their perforated window vinyl from the rubber seals but 3M highly recommends it. What I have personally witnessed is that a lot of window seals seem to "slowly ooze out" an unseen liquid that will make the edges of the perf come up over time. You can help prevent this problem by cleaning the window near these seals with Rapid Prep and/or alcohol and also using the Perfect Tool to "cut back" the window perf."


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