NT Cutter Red Dot Model A-1P & Replacement Blades




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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

Red Dot Cutter Model A-1P

  • The NT Red Dot features an auto locking slide and great for both right and left handed use
  • Standard duty rust resistant stainless steel snap off blade knife
  • Fine incremental blade advancement
  • Replacement blade: NT BA-50S, also compatible with OLFA OAB10S, OBB50S, OA1160B and OABB50B.

Replacement Blades (50 pack)

  • Stainless steel spare blades for the NT Cutter Red Dot Model A-1P
  • 13 cutting edges per blade strip
  • 50 pack offers 650 cutting edges
  • Packed in hanging plastic case
  • Thickness: 0.38mm
  • 58 degree angle

Don't Let This Happen To You!

Photos courtesy of Henson Signs.

“We’ve all done it - stuck a knife in our pocket with the blade exposed, or left it somewhere it could wind up in the wrong hands.  Many of us have ruined upholstery with the same mistake.  This photo is of one of our customer’s children.  Our customer wanted us to help communicate to everyone what can happen if we are careless with our knives.  In this case, he forgot about the knife in his pocket while holding his child.  Please, always cap or retract your blades!   We would like to thank Henson Signs for having the courage to share their story and for their efforts in preventing all of us from making the same mistake.”