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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

When Squeegees Aren't Enough...

  • Specially designed wrap glove with a unique fabric weave that reduces "grip" on adhesive side of media so it doesn't stick and stretch like other gloves
  • Protects graphics from fingerprints, oils and perspiration
  • Doesn't shed lint or fibers on your adhesive or transfer skin oils
  • Machine washable for reuse
  • Sold as one pair (two gloves) available in large (9" long, 5" pinky to thumb)  or extra large (9" long, 6" pinky to thumb)

Wrap Glove 2017 Testimonial

“When a tool comes along that makes my job easier, faster or better it’s simply amazing to me.  WrapGlove is a real game changer!  It adds 5 little finger squeegees and one big palm squeegee on my hand.  It not only cuts install times but makes for a cleaner installation by keeping finger prints off matte vinyl and off the adhesive on the back of all material.  WrapGloves last longer and glide better than other brands on the market.  I’ve tried them all and trust the original WrapGlove. ”


Jim Miller
Miller Decals, LLC
Acworth, GA

WrapGlove™ Testimonial

“APE Wraps has been using application gloves before the glove was considered a tool of our trade.  The WrapGlove™ is the only glove on the market that is Purpose Built!  Our shop has tested all types over the years and the WrapGlove™ is by far the best performing, longest lasting vinyl application glove today.  We need the right tool for the job and this is it.  BTW, they don’t stick and stretch like others when in contact with the adhesive.” 
-Troy Downey APE Wraps


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