Avery Dennison 900 Supercast Easy Apply/Air Egress




    • White

    • Black



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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls


  • 2 mil, high gloss, repositionable, pressure activated, computer cut, cast vinyl with EZ apply/air egress
  • High quality solvent-based adhesive
  • Up to 10 year durability for colors and 12 year durability for black and white
  • Extreme conformability over deep channels, rivets, and compound curves, without the need for primer
  • High surface smoothness, which brings out a higher gloss
  • 83lb Kraft liner that assists in more efficient cutting and weeding, while maintaining film gloss

FELLERS has the best quality vinyl

"One of the reasons FELLERS has the best quality vinyl is because all of our warehouses are climate-controlled. Did you know that all of the major vinyl manufacturers suggest storing vinyl at 68 degrees and at 50% humidity? Try doing that without heating or air conditioning!"

Intermediate vs. High Performance?

Intermediate vinyls have certainly improved from when they were introduced into the sign industry back in the 1980's. Now, most intermediates are glossier and last longer, but this doesn't mean they have replaced high performance vinyls. We continue to sell a lot of high performance vinyls because they are more conformable to uneven surfaces; they shrink less and don't fade as fast. Also, there are usually a lot more colors available in high performance vinyl because the manufacturer can run smaller batches of cast high performance vinyls vs calendered intermediate vinyls. If you want to offer your customer a high quality sign with the longest vinyl life possible, it is important to choose high performance vinyl instead of intermediate vinyl.

What are the numbers in the color boxes?

You may notice a number followed by "C" or "U" in some of the color swatches above. These indicate that the colors of those vinyls have been matched to the PANTONE® Matching System, a standardized color system often used in the printing industry. This helps you be more confident that the color you buy will be the color you really want.

FELLERS offers the industry standard PANTONE® Plus Series Color Conversion Guides as a separate purchase.

The new Plus Series Color Bridge provides process color simulations of all solid Pantone colors, including the 224 new solid colors, in a convenient side-by-side format on coated stock.

This guide is best used when it's imperative that your digital prints match the colors your client specifies.

Color Formula Guide

Updated versions of the PANTONE Matching System. Includes all of the current PANTONE Matching System colors, plus 336 new, market proven hues. Set of two guides, coated and uncoated, plus a supplement containing the new colors on coated and uncoated stock.

This guide is best used when it's imperative colors on coated or uncoated media match the colors your client specifies.

Both guides are essential for accurate color reproduction and would be utilized in ANY sign shop.


  • CMYK Conversion Guide
  • Color Formula Guide
  • Both Pantone Guides

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