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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • Our most popular pole banner bracket system designed to withstand the elements.
  • This system features 3/4" fiberglass poles and a rust free cast aluminum base. Unique base design will fit square*, round, or multi-sided poles. 
  • Maximum recommended banner size is 20 square feet (including pole pockets and hems)
  • Kit Includes: Two fiberglass banner arms, brackets, end caps, zip ties and pin and ring hardware to display one banner. Pole mounts include four 40" stainless steel bands in aluminum mil finish.
  • For Double Banner Applications Please order two pole kits. This will give you the necessary components to display two banners on one pole.


*Square pole applications require Heavy Duty Bands and the Band-It-Tool.  Please contact FELLERS Direct Orders for more information here.

How to Make Your Own Pole Pockets Without Sewing

"Use 3M 4941 VHB Tape, Orabond 1397PP Premier, Avery AFB 6111G or BannerUps Pole Tape to make pole-pocket banners without sewing or heat-welding."

Direct Order Bands for Square Poles:

Direct Order Bands for Square Poles: Regular bands are tensioned by hand and can only get so tight. If the bands are not tight, the brackets and bands will move from wind force. This is fine on round poles because there are no corners. That movement on square poles will eventually because the bands to weaken and break on the corners. That is why we recommend direct ordering the Band-it Tool and matching bands for square poles. The Band-it Tool has the capability to tension bands over 2400 lbs. When ordering you must provide dimensions for the pole for correct band length.


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