UltraFlex 8 Ounce Standard Holed Mesh



NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • Removable PVC Liner prevents ink from being sprayed onto the machine
  • 8 oz Standard hole vinyl mesh banner material
  • Print Side In/3 inch core
  • 63% printable area
  • Flame Resistant per NFPAA701, Title 19, CSM,ASTM E84 
  • Print Side In/3 inch core
  • Print Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV and Screen Print
  • Not recommended for use with Latex Printers
  • For Profiles, go to: http://ultraflexx.color-base.com/

What's the difference in Mesh Materials?

The mesh material on the left is Sonnet, a "small hole" mesh that offers better image quality because there is more surface area available for printing. Use Sonnet for images that have fine detail or will be viewed close up. The mesh material on the right is Ultraflex, a "standard hole" mesh material that allows more air flow through the material, which puts less stress on your banner.


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