PanoFilm PanoRama 80/20 Non-Adhesive System




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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

panoRama Banner Material

  • 5.9 Mil non-adhesive one way see through perforated non-curing, polyester banner material with bright white front side and reverse black side feature for maximum contrast
  • Great for POP displays, trade show displays, room dividers, creative displays and can be applied directly onto the inside of windows using panoRama Tape
  • 2-5 year durability
  • 80/20 print pattern, 1.5mm hole diameter
  • Print Side Out/3 Inch Core
  • Print Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV and Latex

panoRama Tape

  • Optically clear 2-sided mounting tape designed to be used with non-adhesive, see-through panoRama Film for mounting to the inside of windows
  • One-side permanent, one side removable
  • Apply one strip at both top and bottom
  • Ideal for retail POP applications
  • Impressive transparency on image -no haze
  • Minimal adhesive residue after removal

panoRama Kit

  • Kit includes 24” x 10’ PanoRama 80/20 Film and 10’ roll of PanoRama Tape



What's The Difference Between Perforation Patterns?




Should You Overlaminate Window Perf?

"If you want optimal protection for fading and scuff resistance then you must use optically clear vinyl overlaminate. However, if you want the utmost visibility through the perforated window film, then you can't vinyl overlaminate. In this case an aerosol spray overlaminate could be used prior to install and make sure that liquid does not plug up the perforations. Please note that if you do NOT use vinyl overlaminate it is very difficult to see through the perforated window vinyl when driving in the rain.

Do NOT Use Windex Before Wrapping!

"Ammonia based products, such as Windex, prevent the adhesive in window mounting adhesives from sticking to the glass. Instead use soap water, Rapid Prep, or alcohol to prep the surface."

Is The Glass Ready To Wrap?

"When installing window perf or other vinyl, many glass surfaces have wax or other invisible coatings on them (like RainX) that interfere with adhesion. Place several drops of water on the glass, if the water forms into beads there is a coating that must be removed. If the water does not form into beads there is no coating and you can proceed to clean with isopropyl alcohol."


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