Air Mask Clear Medium Tack 510U for Colorchange Films


    100 yd Roll



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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • Medium tack clear application tape that is a unique film premask with an affinity for air-release liners
  • This product has been designed for cold laminator applications eliminating the need for heated nip rollers or heat vacuum process
  • Effectively adheres well to exposed air-release liners, but won't lift vinyl off the target surface
  • Works with a wide range of vinyl and liner as well as notoriously difficult to lift color change matte and textured wrap vinyls
  • Releases cleanly and easily upon installation
  • 100 yard rolls


Airmask 510U Testimonial - 2019

“We predominately use the AirMask 510U for finished graphics and lettering we produce that have air egress liners. We like the minimal static build-up during mounting and the clear, lay-flat characteristics of the tape for ready-to-apply applications that are shipped to our customers.”

Marshall Osborne
Nixa, MO

AirMask 510U 2017 Testimonial

“Many of our products are sold and shipped as DIY and most customers have never installed graphic products before. Because of this we had been searching for a good mask / transfer tape that stays down over matte and textured carbon fiber materials.  Most we have tried peel directly off the graphic with no tack at all so, finding the 510U was great for us since our customers do not have any peeling issues with the tape coming off the graphic even before they start the install. With the 510U we have confidence when shipping the product that the customer will not be calling asking for another kit because they feel the product is now unusable.”


Joey Ameno
Sharper Images Tint & Wraps
Erie, PA

Vehicle Wrappers Use Transfer Tape for These Reasons:

  1. Clear transfer tape helps position vinyl graphics easier for better registration 
  2. Transfer tape strengthens cut-out graphics, acting as a carrier to help prevent tearing. 
  3. On warm days outside, it's often easier to keep registration for wrap panels by using transfer tape. For example, on the sides of walls or box trucks. 
  4. Transfer Tape can be used to create "templates" by first applying the transfer tape and "tracing" the area needed, then applying the "template" to the vinyl in order to cut this out. 
  5. Transfer Tape can be used as a convenient “waterless” cleaning method prior to installing a wrap.  Simply apply transfer tape to the dirty surface in order to lift away the dirt particles with the tape.

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