RTape High Tack Conform 4075RLA Application Tape


    100 yd Roll



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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • High tack general purpose application tape ideal for masking small and mid-sized die cut or prespaced vinyl and printed graphics. 
  • Wet or dry applications
  • Resists wrinkling, tunneling and edge curling
  • Release coating for easy unwind
  • RLA (Release Liner Adhesion) feature, which allows the tape to stick to hard-to-adhere-to release liners and prevents tunneling and edge curling even when graphics are rolled.
  • 100 yard rolls 


Vehicle Wrappers Use Transfer Tape for These Reasons:

  1. Clear transfer tape helps position vinyl graphics easier for better registration 
  2. Transfer tape strengthens cut-out graphics, acting as a carrier to help prevent tearing. 
  3. On warm days outside, it's often easier to keep registration for wrap panels by using transfer tape. For example, on the sides of walls or box trucks. 
  4. Transfer Tape can be used to create "templates" by first applying the transfer tape and "tracing" the area needed, then applying the "template" to the vinyl in order to cut this out. 
  5. Transfer Tape can be used as a convenient “waterless” cleaning method prior to installing a wrap.  Simply apply transfer tape to the dirty surface in order to lift away the dirt particles with the tape.

Conform & Ultra Are Our Fastest Growing Tapes

"Our customers tell us that they are happier with the results they get from Ultra and Conform because: 1. These tapes are specifically designed to lay flat, compared to the other styles 2. They resist wrinkling, tunneling and edge curl. 3. Conform and Ultra are great for RTA (Ready-To-Apply) Graphics because they Stick to the release liner and not to other graphics."


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