3M™ 8914ES Edge Sealing Tape

  • 3M89141/2150

    1 Mil Cast Scotchcal Optically Clear Gloss



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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • For use with perforated window films or any gloss vinyl wrap edge that needs to be sealed
  • Protects the graphic from dust, water and dirt that may collect in the perforated areas of window film
  • Clear polyester lining


Prevent edge lift by sealing the edges of wraps with 3M Edge Sealing Tape.  Use 8914 for gloss wraps and window perf and 8520 for matte wraps. 

Use 8914 or 8520 Edge Sealing Tape To Improve Your Wraps

Improve the quality of your wrap installations by sealing the edges with 3M edge sealing tape.  Use 8914 edge sealing tape for gloss wraps and for window perf vinyl and 8520 for matte wraps. It helps seal and protect all edges of a wrap including wheel wells, the hood, trunk, and doors. Use 3M 8914 to seal your windshield banner along the bottom edge so the windshield wiper doesn't catch on the window perf vinyl. Because it's optically clear you won't see the tape, and you may extend the life of your wrap.  Edge sealing tape also helps to prevent "fingers" on the edges of wraps that have been stretched.  3M edge sealing tape is definitely a must have wrap tool. 


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