3M™ Envision™ SV480mC and LX480mC Non PVC 2mil 11 yr

  • Envision™ SV480mC with Controltac™ & Comply™ with Micro Technology for Solvent & Eco-Solvent

  • Envision™ LX480mC with Controltac™ & Comply™ with Micro Technology for Latex and UV



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Paired Products


NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • 2 Mil Lister White Non-PVC, Phthalate-Free non PVC film with grey opaque, removable adhesive featuring ControlTac (pressure-activated adhesive for easy sliding and repositioning) and Comply with micro technology adhesive channel system (superior non-visible air release channel system for fast, easy, bubble-free installations) for improved slideability
  • Designed for vehcile wraps, watercraft, railroad cars, trailers, textured wall surfaces, and outdoor signage
  • 11 year expected outdoor performance; 5 year vertical and 2 year horizontal warranty period
  • Great conformability and lifting resistance - stretch 150% without primer or relief cuts
  • Initial tack and slideability optimized for wraps
  • Installs well in both hot and cold temperatures
  • Resists tearing for fast, clean removal with heat
  • Designed for use with Solvent and Eco-Solvent Printers
  • Caution:  Always pre-test vinyl installation on vehicles.  Do not install if there is any adverse or negative impact on sensors and/or other safety-related equipment on the intended vehicle
  • Contains no added chlorine or halogens.  Made in part from bio-based materials and manufactured using 60% less solvent
  • 3M™ suggests laminating with 8418G, 8518, 8519, 8520, 8528, 8548G, 8549L or 8915
  • Profiles: click here!

3M LX480mC Testimonial - 2018

“When we started wrapping vehicles about 10 years ago the materials available were difficult to work with.  Fast forward to today and even with the most radical designs we can deliver a fantastic finished product using 3M LX480mC.   The LX 480MC has the conformability that puts it light years ahead of other wraps films and allows our installers to easily mold it around a vehicle’s contours and unique shapes.  The Controltac and Comply technologies that 3M employs also allows for quicker and easier wrapping, thus allowing us to increase our turnaround time for customers and our business output.”

Todd Landry
Pixus Digital Printing
Lafayette, LA


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