3M™ 7725 Scotchcal ElectroCut Graphic Film

  • 7725W40



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    Please note 3M 7725 White 40" is discontinued and available while supplies last. 



NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • White 2 mil cast, 40" wide vinyl designed for use with Summa DC thermal printers.
  • Clear synthetic liner
  • 7 year outdoor durability
  • For pre-spaced, cut graphics on electronically controlled, friction-fed or flatbed cutters
  • Transparent synthetic liner resists moisture absorption and static buildup, lays flat for easier assembly and allows for superior cutting and weeding
  • Pressure sensitive film adheres well to flat or simple curved surfaces

FELLERS has the best quality vinyl

"One of the reasons FELLERS has the best quality vinyl is because all of our warehouses are climate-controlled. Did you know that all of the major vinyl manufacturers suggest storing vinyl at 68 degrees and at 50% humidity? Try doing that without heating or air conditioning!"

Intermediate vs. High Performance?

Intermediate vinyls have certainly improved from when they were introduced into the sign industry back in the 1980's. Now, most intermediates are glossier and last longer, but this doesn't mean they have replaced high performance vinyls. We continue to sell a lot of high performance vinyls because they are more conformable to uneven surfaces; they shrink less and don't fade as fast. Also, there are usually a lot more colors available in high performance vinyl because the manufacturer can run smaller batches of cast high performance vinyls vs calendered intermediate vinyls. If you want to offer your customer a high quality sign with the longest vinyl life possible, it is important to choose high performance vinyl instead of intermediate vinyl.


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