3M™ Controltac Opaque Film with Comply Adhesive/Economy Wrap Film (All Colors)

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    • Gloss Black

    • Matte Black



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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • 60" wide, 3 Mil Calendared Film with ControlTac™ (pressure activated adhesive for easy sliding and repositioning) and Comply™ adhesive channel system (superior non visible air release channel system for fast, easy and bubble-free installations) at an economical price. This product carries no manufacturer warranty 
  • This calendared economy wrap vinyl is not as conformable as 3M 1080 cast wrap vinyl therefore, there are limitations to its wrap applications and overall performance.
  • This product may have a directional characteristic in appearance. For the best overall appearance, do not alternate between lengthwise and widthwise graphic panels.  
  • Great for hood and roof wraps
  • 5 year expected outdoor performance with no warranty
  • Gloss colors can sometimes have a haze/blotchiness/mottling that can usually be eliminated with heat. Even the shipping box can create surface impressions that can also be eliminated with heat.
  • Available in 60" width, allowing most vehicles to be wrapped without seams
  • Invisible air release channels assure fast and easy virtually bubble-free applications
  • No overlaminate required
  • Caution:  Always pre-test vinyl installation on vehicles.  Do not install if there is any adverse or negative impact on sensors and/or other safety-related equipment on the intended vehicle
  • Film colors can vary slightly from roll to roll. For the most consistency, please purchase a full roll.  We are unable to guarantee consistency with multiple orders of cut yardage. 

3M Economy Testimonial - 2018

“3M’s ControlTac Economy gloss and matte black film is a great alternative to more expensive films.  It can easily wrap hoods, roofs, and any other flat to moderately curved surfaces.  They both lay easily because of 3M’s Control-Tac  & Comply adhesive, which can be repositioned during installation.  The matte black film has a noticeably deeper finish than the competition without the chalky appearance.  Durability also exceeds other films as it does not easily scratch and cleaning is a breeze.   Installers may enjoy higher profit margins or pass the savings on to the client with a limited budget.”



Ken Mahlschnee
Bullitt Auto Detail
Clayton, NC


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