3M Envision 8548/8549 2 Mil 9yr Non-PVC

  • 3M85(48 or 49)54150

    3M85(48 or 49)54150


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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • Delivers exceptional conformability, superior UV and acid dew protection
  • Designed specifically for LX480Cv3 or SV480Cv3, but can be used with any 3M cast film
  • 9 year durability

Acid Dew Problems

Protect your wraps against the effects of acid dew! "Acid dew, the result of pollutants mixing with dewdrops and becoming increasingly acidic with sunlight, seems to be becoming more prevalent, especially in warm climates. 3M has developed 8548 laminate to protect your wrap and reduce the harmful effects of UV light and acid dew. Another way to protect your wraps is to use CrystalTek Wrap Wash and Polish. Some of our customers feel strongly that using these CrystalTek products is helping to prevent the effects of acid dew. While there aren't any official lab results to back these claims, these customers strongly recommend using CrystalTek Wrap Wash and Polish to protect your wraps."

Using 3M Scotch tape with over laminate films.

"Separating the clear release liner from the overlaminate can be challenging. Try sticking a piece of 3M Scotch tape in the corner of the face and back of the overlaminate. Pull both pieces of tape away at the same time. This should allow you to separate the overlaminate from the liner so you can get things started."