MACtac JT828P/JT829P 3.9 Mil 4 Yr

  • MJT82(8 or 9)P54150

    MJT82(8 or 9)P54150


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    Please note that MacTac 828P & 829P is available while supplies last and then available for Direct Order.



NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • 3.1 Mil bright white (JT829P) and matte white (JT828P) calendered vinyl film with clear acrylic permanent adhesive
  • Great for interior or medium term exterior signage, decals, nameplates, die-cut letters and POP's
  • 4 year outdoor durability
  • Layflat polycoated liner
  • Mactac suggests laminating with Permacolor LUV or PromoGard laminates 
  • Print Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent and Latex, HP certified for Latex
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Trust MACtac for all your high performance applications

"I trust MACtac for all my high performance applications. I'm in this business to make money, and MACtac helps me do just that. Their films print great, so our customers are thrilled with the color vibrancy and detail. The air-egress feature makes for a faster and easier installation. The conformability and adhesive system assure the finished product stays adhered to the body of the vehicle over time, and under stressful conditions-no lifting. I'd pay more to use a product I trust, but in this case I don't have to. MACtac helps my business be more efficient, faster, and more profitable!"

Shawn Adams
Monterey Signs
Seaside, CA

FELLERS has the best quality vinyl

"One of the reasons FELLERS has the best quality vinyl is because all of our warehouses are climate-controlled. Did you know that all of the major vinyl manufacturers suggest storing vinyl at 68 degrees and at 50% humidity? Try doing that without heating or air conditioning!"