Bernzomatic Disposable Propane Cylinders 16.4 oz.




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NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

  • Disposable propane cylinders for use with torches.
  • Propane offers consistent reliable heat for vehicle wrap installations
  • Most of our customers prefer propane to MAPP gas (yellow bottle.)
    MAPP gas can get too hot and burn the vinyl easier.
  • Wide base delivers better stability during wrapping
  • Available for pick-up or courier orders only, we cannot ship.


Why do we only offer the fat propane cylinder?

Those of you that use torches to wrap, know what a pain in the a$$ it is when your torch keeps getting knocked over, which also risks breaking your trigger. These fatter cylinders help to prevent that problem. Sorry, UPS won't let us ship them!


Most Wrap Installers Use Heat

"Whether you use a torch or a heat gun on your wraps, heat is an important part of any wrap. Heat can be used to make pressure sensitive vinyl conformable around curves, rivets, and other irregular surfaces. Post heat is also a critical step when doing vehicle wraps to help "set" the vinyl. Direct heat should especially be applied to areas where the vinyl has been stretched. Slowly move the heat source across these areas until the Mastercool Infrared Temperature Gun reads no more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit (most manufacturers recommend not heating vinyl beyond 200 degrees), then move the heat source approximately one inch every two to three seconds. This technique relaxes the stress on the vinyl caused by stretching, which will help prevent lifting and tenting. Finally, heat is often used to remove a wrap, especially in cold environments. Heat allows the vinyl to come off faster and improves the ability to remove the adhesive with the vinyl instead of leaving adhesive on the surface which would require even more labor to remove."

WARNING: Do not use heat sources near gas tanks or flammable substance

Torch vs. Electric

Which type of heat gun should you use? A torch or an electric heat gun? Some venues that you wrap at will simply not allow torches because of the flame. Most wrappers who prefer electric heat guns like the wider penetration of the heat and the ability to control the temperature for longer periods such as during post heat. Some also consider electric heat guns safer than torches. Those wrappers who prefer torches, stress the portability (no cords) and the ability to have more precise control of the heat. Torches also cool down quicker therefore preventing accidental burning of your vinyl wrap if it touches your heat tool. So, which should you buy? You will probably end up having both in your wrap tool chest.