MACtac Mactac Gruv GV729BFD 2.8 Mil 7yr

  • MGV(529 OR 729)BFD54150

    MGV(529 OR 729)BFD54150


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    Products listed on this page can expose you to chemicals, including vinyl chloride, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and toluene, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to



NOTE: 50 yd orders contain two 25 yd rolls

729 BFD Gruv

  • 2.8 Mil gloss white soft calendared vinyl
  • Designed for flat or simple curved surfaces such as indoor and outdoor signage, displays, and POP as well as partial vehicle wraps
  • Easy bubble-free installation with B-free® polygon air-egress adhesive technology
  • Up to 7 years outdoor durability
  • Permanent, opaque, pressure sensitive adhesive with air egress; clean removability up to 4 years
  • 98# polycoated liner.
  • Mactac suggests laminating with PERMACOLOR® RAYZor
  • Printing with UV inks both inkjet and Screen, will significantly reduce the stretch ability of this film and may result in cracking or lifting out of the deeper wall recesses and is not a warranty failure
  • Caution:  Always pre-test vinyl installation on vehicles.  Do not install if there is any adverse or negative impact on sensors and/or other safety-related equipment on the intended vehicle
  • Print Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, Screen Print, Latex
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Mactac Gruv 729 2017 Testimonial

“We love using Mactac Gruv729 because it works great with our printer, it’s more cost effective than other printable vinyls and has a better high-gloss than most other printable vinyls that we have tried.  We get some harsh weather in our state, but  Mactac stands-up to the test and passes with flying colors.”


Alex Zeoli
Custom Touch Accents
Sterling Heights, MI


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