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Searching for qualified providers for your wrap applications, or just more info about wraps? Using this form, you can submit either a wrap job bid request to all FELLERS Certified wrap providers in your area, or a request for more information from FELLERS. If you do decide to request a quote, your local wrap providers will have the option to contact you with a bid about the particulars of that job. Once you've found the right business partner(s) to fulfill your project, you can cancel your bid request at any time.

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Lettering or Strip Only
Lettering Only
The surface is decorated by shaped pieces or strips of adhesive vinyl. Most of the original surface remains uncovered. While this option is the most economical, there is some danger of uneven paint fading when exposed to sunlight during long-term applications.

Partial Wrap
Partial Wrap
The surface is significantly covered, but much of the original area is still exposed. For example, wrapping only the hood, trunk, and doors of a car would be a Partial Wrap. Partial Wraps can be color-matched to blend with the unwrapped portion. Wraps may also include one-way perforated window graphics.

Full Wrap
Full Wrap
The item is completely covered; none of the original surface is exposed. A Full Wrap can completely change the appearance of an object. Full Wraps are the best option to protect the paint job of a vehicle from fading. Full Wraps may also include one-way perforated window graphics.

Special Applications
Special Application
The wrap job will be enhanced by a specialty product; for instance, covering a building's windows with computer-cut frosted translucent vinyl, or highlighting a vehicle wrap with reflective patterns. Include the effect you're looking for in the Comment or Additional Details fields.

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